Friday, May 14, 2010

Kingdom Builders! yes we are!

Hey guys!

Sorry we havent updated this for awhile been kinda busy and havent really had much time. anyway so were in the phillippines!

Only a quick update on what we have been doing

We have been doing alot of differnt ministries we have been involved in a feeding program where we go up into the mountins and supplu food for the kids and also do a mini church service with praise and worship. building relationships in the local village be hind our house and really just sharing our lives with them and share Jesus with them. we have been doing alot of labor work for our contact Pastor Pat. he has kindly opend up his house to us and his church and all of us just feel like a fmaily there. on the side of his house is an orphange for the blind so we have been helping where ever possible and fixing things around the house digging drainage trenches and all that Jazz. so thats only a small pasrt of what we have been doing.

So the big part!! We have been preparing for a week long youth camp with over 150 kids attending. we came along side Pastor pats youth group called 'Upright Generation' (these guys are amazing iv never seen such passion for Christ and how much of a loving heart these guys have inspiering!' anyway we helped them plan and the camp went of and trought God its was AMAZING! God rocked up well just opend herats to him and everything was awsome. most genuin worship iv ever experianced. sick teachings. ministry that was just to powerfull to discribe and salvations well lets just say alot! of kids found out who Jesus really was. so yeah it was epic! haha thanks for your prayers guys they really were answered.

So the next thing we have been doing is skate comps. Des and his team have joined us here int he philippines to and together we have been running skate comps and yeah again God rocked up we shared testomniyes and shared what Jesus did for them. we had skaters coming from 3-4 hours away and yeah we had skaters coming up and we had a chance to pray for them indevidualy and alot of them accepted Jesus into there lives so Hallelujah! AMEN!

So yeah thats all i have really alot more stuff has happpend but my minds has gone a little blank haha

O this morning The guys on our team all got baptised sick huh? so powerfull so yeah thast right Nick the guy we have been pryaing for to know Jesus. well he found him haha and he got baptised this morning so yeah God is soooooooo Goood!

So prayer points we are going to a surf village for 2days and last time we went down there for a day there was alot of openned to the gossple so we expect to see God movein an amazing way when were down there so pray for that! and opn our last day were gona be holding a day camp for the village kids behind our house so prya that God speaks tot he kids and helps and leads us on what to say! pray for upright generation there really close to our hearts and we love them so much its gona be sad to leave i mean really sad there our brouthers and sisters. and for pastor pat and his family there hero's!

So thats all folks!

We shall see you all soon!

God bless and thank you for all your support and prayers

Much love from me and the team!

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